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Yurok Dictionary: pee'eeh
peeshka'eek nee ke'ween moray eel. peesh'on scale of fish. pee'eeh. pee'eeyers fresh-water clam, razor clam. perger'erh sea boots (a sea creature).
Yurok Dictionary: pee'eeh
Dictionary entry. pee'eeh • n • mussel. Lexicon record # 2589 | Source references : WG ( WEM274 ) R238 JE92 Semantic domain: fish and sea life.
Yurok Dictionary: pee-'eeh
peesh-ka-'eek nee ke'-ween moray eel. peesh-'on scale of fish. pee-'eeh. pee-'ee -yers fresh-water clam, razor clam. per-ger-'erh sea boots (a sea creature).
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